Table for two in… Koh Tao

After driving half way across the globe, spending two weeks in Korea and looping around China it was time for a little change.

Sunshine? – It would be ideal.
And turquoise waters? – Oh, nice touch.
And good diving? – Yes please.
And superb food? – Hell yeah!!!


First stop, Kao San Road

Nearly all stories in Thailand begin with a Pad Thai in Kao San Road and ours was no different. Its best years, if it ever had any, have now passed, yet there is something about this road that keeps you coming back for more.


In our case, that something was a bus to Koh Tao. Can’t think of a better place to find yourself with a few hours to kill really than this:


A few beers later followed by an overnight bus and a short ferry, we arrived in Koh Tao. Ready to go underwater once again with the folks at Pura Vida and ready for some real good food!

The Starters

Koh Tao is the sort of place where you could base your meals on just starters, that is how good they are. Barracuda’s tuna bruchette was fresh and simple, The Gallery’s morning glory was full of flavour and Yin Yang’s take on Som Tam was a pleasant surprise!




Fish and Curries

Fresh fish is not hard to come by in Koh Tao. And when they come in a curry you know it is going to be tasty. Like this local crab in a creamy curry sauce. It even comes with some greens for a healthier diet.


Next one up is something different. It was exciting to unfold the banana leaf and discover a succulent blend of prawns, barracuda fillet and mussels in a mild yellow curry sauce.


And then, an unexpected combination. Chicken, fish and shrimp curry served in a young coconut. Who needs a plate these days?


Something tasty

All of the above were delicious, but this years’ favourite (at least Paula’s) was something simpler yet full of flavour and completely different to all the others. Curry Noodles may not be the most attractive name for a dish but they were like nothing we have tried before.



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