Table for two in… Sichuan

First, you will think it is a little bit too oily, but you will try it anyway as it looks delicious. Then its pepper will numb your lips for a few minutes. And next day you will be coming back for more. This is Sichuan, this is the very best of Chinese food (in our humble opinion that is).


Little starters like this deep fried beef will get you going. Special mention to Mapo Doufu: tofu set in a spicy chilli and bean sauce. Even if you don’t like tofu you will like this piece of heaven.



 The noodles

As we have seen before, China can deliver some real good noodles. And Sichuan was no different. But here is where you can find Dan Dan Noodles. Again, oily and spicy. The type of spicy that keeps you coming back for more!





At last, some good dumplings

Whilst Sichuan is not precisely famous for its dumplings, here is where we found our favourite ones in China. Filling, inexpensive and… yes, spicy 🙂


Not everything is perfect

What made Sichuan even better is that even when it failed to deliver (although it was probably us the ones who failed to understand the dish), the food was still good! Chengdu’s famous chicken with peanuts was a bit bland and we don’t yet know what was on the next picture!



More craft beer

There seems to be a love affair with Chinese people and Belgian beer. Something I can’t disagree with. We found The Beer Nest place in a rather posh street in Chengdu and once again we were lucky enough to visit them during their happy hour. The place had character and the beer selection was excellent, although prices were a bit steep for Chinese standards. Still, the beer was good, very good. We tried the IPA, Stout and Wheat beers.



It was tasty, spicy, filling, different and varied. It was cheaper than Beijing or Shanghai. I only wish we would have spent more time in Sichuan!



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