Table for two in… Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter

Start with some bread, follow up with lamb kebabs and finish with dried fruit. Repeat the next day. This is the Muslim Quarter, come on in. You are in for a good show.


Warming up

First things first, the flatbread. Freshly made on the spot and dotted with sunflower and sesame seeds, it is crisp and full of goodness. It reminded us of our trip around the Black Sea coast.


More unique is perhaps their way of cooking noodles, on big stands facing the street and with big flames and everything. Showing off perhaps? Probably, but who cares?


Marinated meat anyone?

Next up, China’s take on hamburgers: steamed buns filled with chopped beef or pork which has previously been cooked for hours in a hot pot. Yummy!

A must, perhaps because they are everywhere, are the lamb kebabs. That does not make them less special though. Marinated with cumin, pepper and other spices they are the perfect fusion between Muslim and Chinese food. And if one feels adventurous, they too have pig trotters.

Anything else?

Yes, there is more, plenty more. You can find fried rice, shrimps and tofu cake every few stalls. This is the closest China gets to tapas and with prices as low as £2 you can’t go wrong.

And for desert?

Do you have a sugar rush? No problem: glutinous rice cake topped with sirupy dates, dried fruit, persimmons and sweets. Take your pick.


Final thoughts

The Muslim Quarter was such a great experience that we came back every day. Whilst it is certainly not a hidden treasure, it does not feel as touristy as some of the other markets, like the one in Beijing.


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