Table for two in… Korea

There is more to Korean food than barbecue and kimchee. But let’s not fool ourselves, those two make a pretty good combo.

What’s more remarkable: ask someone for their favourite restaurant and you will always get the same answer:

Favourite restaurant?

Hmm, I don’t know. Just pick one that you fancy. I am sure it will be good!

Korean Barbecue

Pork, beef or black pig. Marinated or not. Delicious all the way. And always accompanied with a range of side dishes that will make sure not two bites will taste the same.


Dumplings and Gyozas

Deep fried or steamed, they are a sure bet. Ubiquitous in Asia, Korea was no exception and it delivered some real good ones.


Food markets

Ah! our favourites. The food here is cheap as peanuts and full of flavour. They never disappoint. Pancakes, deep fried stuffed peppers and gimbap, they have it all!


Shaved Ice and other sweets

Nearly every coffee shop in Seoul was serving shaved ice: some sort of ice cream that comes in huge portions.


In Jeju we found this little sweets filled with tangerine cream that were incredibly addictive.


Off the beaten track: Uncle Bob’s

This tiny restaurant off one of Seoul’s main traditional villages was a surprise. The language barrier was not an issue, finger pointing did the job perfectly well. You won’t find it in a book guide.


More traditional Korean

Our couch surfing host took us to a restaurant in Seoul away from the few tourists that visit the capital. In there, we had a feast of flavours that came in many shapes, including pork belly, an acorn-based pastry topped with octopus, acorn jelly, kimchee and hot pot.


And if hot pots are your thing, there are plenty of Shabu Shabu restaurants in the capital.


Craft beer

We expected good food in Korea, but not good beer! The porter and the amber ale at Galmegi Brewery in Busan were superb. Magpie Brewery Co in Jeju had a good selection of ales and IPA’s. The service in both of them was top notch as well.



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