Lots of smiles and a few farewells

And last but not least, here it is, the finish line and before that, the Book House project.

The Book House

The day started with something we have long been waiting for: a visit to the outskirts of the capital, to spend some time with one of Go Help’s key projects, The Book House.

As per our previous post, it provides a crucial point of access to non-formal education facilitating learning materials, learning activities and a safe environment for all children as well as provides a focal point for the community.

Part of the funds that you helped us raised, together with the huge collection of books kindly donated by Eleanor will help building a bigger and better Book House that will hopefully reach out to more kids.


The Finish Line

Every story comes to a close and so, our Mongolia Charity Rally was officially over as we crossed the finish line together with the rest of the convoy.

All three vehicles made it in good condition, despite the long journey and the multiple pot holes, and with plenty of spare parts that will sure be useful to Go Help.


And finally, here it is, in black and white to make it more dramatic, the moment where Paula, armed with some clippers, kissed goodbye to the beard (temporarily that is).



Saying goodbye to Katie, Steve, Hamish, Rob, Josh and Malina was emotional. For the last month, we have crossed 5 borders together, knocked on Hell’s Door, enjoyed some Uzbekistan hospitality, admired one of the best lakes in the world, and conquered Mongolia’s middle route amongst other things.


We all go our own way now, wherever that may happen to be, Thailand, New Zealand or England. As for us, it was time to decide what to do next.

Coming Up

Getting a train from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing was not as quick as we thought it would be, so instead we booked a flight to Seoul, South Korea. Why? Why not!


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