Round Up – June

As Churchill said:

This is not the end (we haven’t even started yet!), it is not even the beginning of the end, but perhaps it is the end of the beginning.

Planning stage is (nearly) over and I believe I speak for most of of the teams when I say: “please take me to the start line now!!!” But first there is a channel to be crossed, and it does not seem to be a straightforward task these days.


All our visas are in order, not without a little bit of drama. As soon as we got our Russian visa, we started working on the Iranian one: this involved getting a Letter of Invitation (LOI) from a travel agency in Iran and sending our passports to the Iranian consulate in Madrid. And trust, a lot of trust in the postal system. At the same time we decided to wait until the last minute before getting our visa for Kazakhstan as there was a chance we would not need one. Our gamble paid off and we saved ourselves £70. And meanwhile, our Turkmenistan permit arrived via email.


Raffle prizes were delivered promptly to the surprise of some of the winners who did not even know they had tickets! 🙂 There have been no shortage of official and unofficial farewell parties with plenty more donations, hugs, tequila shots and even a poem:

O young En-ri-que will go out to the East.

No question about it, his car is a beast!

And save for maid Paula, he’ll be all alone.

For much of his journey he can’t use a phone.


In mid June we got Lola back from our trustworthy mechanic, Warfield MOT and Services Centre, with a set of brand new tyres, heavy duty leaf springs and loads of spare parts, including a spare radiator!

Since then, we have been testing our chosen navigation app and driving skills in London: two Spaniards driving a 6 metre ambulance on the ~~wrong~~ left side of the road around Buckingham Palace is not something Londoners see everyday.

Last week included a carboot sale, a visit to Private Ambulance Service and finally Lola got herself proper ambulance livery thanks to OH Vehicle Conversion.

Progress made so far


  • Lola v2.0: heavy duty leaf springs installed, new tyres and a good check. Thank you Jim and Phil!!!!
  • Ambulance livery has now been installed thanks to OH Vehicle Conversions
  • We have got all sorts of bells and whistles: car jack, spare wheels, cool box, jumper cables, chargers, chairs, a table, a sofa bed, lanterns, a shower, a compass, first aid kit, a book on first aid and more!

Route and Visas

  • All visas are now sorted!
  • This is how the planned route looks like:

Admin and PR

  • Launch day is 11th July from Jubilee Park in Brussels.
  • We had a cracking farewell party at Camino.

Posts this month


Total Cost of the Rally so far (this month) £8425 (£3948)

Total Money Raised (this month) £6914 (£1309)

of which £1100 will go to Go Help via our JustGiving page


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