Achievement unlocked: fundraising

Let’s just get it out first: WE HAVE REACHED OUR FUNDRAISING TARGET, you guys rock!!!!!!

Our target was set at £6500. This was not a magic number though as there was some thinking behind it. We wanted to see if it was possible to fundraise enough to cover our donation to Go Help: £5000 (vehicle) + £1000 (minimum donation to Go Help) + £500 (breakdowns).

And this is how we did it:


We set out to reach corporate sponsors first. We were a few hundreds pounds short from our estimate here but those who decided to help us out were incredibly generous! On the other hand, we did receive loads of donations in kind. We used some of them on our charity raffle. Others went to our Spanish Sorteo. And finally, some useful additions to Lola:

  • Warfield MOT and Service Centre: Jim has been extremely helpful and patient with us and on top of that he gave us a huge discount on his services.
  • O&H Conversions: Kirsty spent the last two months trying to sort stuff out for us and finally we can confirm that O&H will sponsor our ambulance livery.
  • Wavian Jerry Cans: Simon answered our last minute call and kindly donated 2x 20L Jerry Cans. Thanks!


We have been overwhelmed by all the support we have received from everyone, in the UK and in Spain. You have been the real stars of this project. Many of you got lucky in our two raffles whilst some donations were awarded stylish Ribbon & Beard merchandising (there are still some size Large t-shirts left by the way).

We have also been blessed with a number of donations in kind. First, it was two awesome rally kits (pictures to follow soon, hopefully) and a shower (!!). More recently we have received music from Yossarian, a cool box, a car jack, car chargers, jumper cables and last but not least air fresheners and even After Bite!!


We sold some of our DVDs and other stuff, we played dodgeball, Paula taught Spanish and we also got some money from loads of Easter Eggs kindly donated by Tesco.


Put all of that together with a pinch of tenacity and stick it in the oven for about 6 months and… result!

  • Total Funds raised (as of 27th June): £6630
  • Total Value of items donated: £3000

Since we were doing so well we decided to spend a little bit more on getting Lola ready to give us a good chance to get there but more importantly to make sure that Go Help get a long lasting vehicle. For this reason we decided to go ahead and replace our faulty air suspension with heavy duty leaf springs. Jim at Warfield MOT Services has done a wonderful job and even spent some time showing Enrique how to change the radiator. Thank you Jim and thank you Phil for putting us in touch.


So far we have spent £5400 on Lola. On top of that, Go Help are getting a cash donation of £1040 via our Just Giving page. Which leaves us with just under £200 to purchase a few extra spare parts that are still required (and little contingency for any repairs we need to do on the road). We should be ok (famous last words).

As we said before, admin fees, visas, fuel, accommodation, bribes (we find it funny now, I bet it won’t be that funny when the time comes) and unexpected circumstances are all on us. As well as sweat (a lot of) **and tears **(hopefully not too many of those).

Surely this means that you are ready to go, right?

Well, a quick peek at our living room and you would think otherwise.

We cannot wait for Launch Day in Brussels and meet some of our fellow ralliers like Mongolanssi, Khan on Aussie, Baby Don’t Yurt Me and Yeyo-148. This is where it will all begin, Jubelpark:


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