Round up – May

This is it… just 41 days to go!

We are in the home straight now, just over a month until Launch in Brussels and our TODO list seems to be growing rather than shrinking!

However, we can say that everything is under control. Just need a few more visas to go, get the ambulance ready, finalise the details of the route and finally, packing up the whole house!

Our fundraising is going amazingly well, we are only £900 away from our target. Thank you so much to everyone that has helped us so far, you are wonderful!

We have our charity raffle coming up in a couple of weeks, you can’t miss it! There are amazing prizes worth more than £800.

Progress made so far


  • Lola has gone to the doctor. We are waiting to hear the diagnostic, we will keep you posted
  • We are trying to find new clothes for Lola (proper ambulance livery and some fancy stickers)
  • Vehicle deposit has been paid to Go Help to cover for any damage before we get to Ulaanbataar

Route and Visas

  • Turkmenistan visa – Work in progress
  • Turkey visa – Check
  • Uzbekistan visa – Check
  • Russian visa – Work in progress, we will collect our passports this coming Friday
  • Kazakhstan visa – according to the latest news coming from Astana, we may not need a visa for Kazakhstan
  • No changes to our route, and we have estimated that it will take us 51 days

Admin and PR

  • Our JustGiving page stands still at £1010, objective achieved!
  • Our Twitter account is still on 51 followers
  • We now have 146 followers on Facebook
  • The official Ribbon And Beard t-shirt is in production right now, do you want one? Go to our donate page for more instructions

Posts this month


Total Money Spent (this month) £4557.9 (£337.5)

Total Money Raised (this month) £5605.23 (£955.53)

of which £1010 will go to Go Help via our JustGiving page


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