The other type of support

Be warned, this is going to be cheesy, but hey, that is how we (well, mainly me) are.

We can’t stress enough how grateful we are to all our [supporters](/thank-you) – without them [this journey](/the-rally) would not have been possible. But today’s post is for that type of support which is more subtle, sometimes subliminal and that **often goes unnoticed**.

A simple question on the lines “hey, how is the planning going?” has many times inspired a big change in our project. On the back of a conversation like this we decided to publish our JustGiving page which **raised £1000 in just 24 days** – how about that for an informal chat!

It is particularly hard to measure the impact of such contributions. So, at the risk of forgetting something from this list, we would like to say thanks:

* Thanks for letting us open the doors to the best farewell party we could have wished for – **sorry we didn’t cry**, we were too busy talking to everyone!
* Thanks for a rather special Rally Kit **full of memories** and the best GPS system ever: Pluto! (pictures to follow soon)
* … and the most amazing medical kit we could have asked for (with **mini-Lola** included)
* Thanks for **making our Spanish raffle a success** – I am, for once, lost for words
* Thanks to those teams from last year who have answered all our questions and more. Especially *you* for answering my email with a re-assuring:

> Hi Enrique – You are going to have a fantastic time this summer!

* Thanks for telling me “it is wonderful what you two are doing, **carry on**” when what you really wanted to say was “why on Earth do you have to drive 1/3 across the world as oppose to coming back home?!”
* Thanks for that compass which points both North and **home**
* Thanks to all of you for your **shares, likes and comments** on our social media and reading this blog – we are never going to be famous, but seeing the numbers grow is quite exciting
* Thanks for introducing me to [Ghost](, for listening to my web programming divagations and more importantly for **discussing [minimalism]( with me**
* Thanks for all the tips on which car we should choose for the rally. Sorry for not going for the Skoda Yeti or Mercedes G Class in the end – we could not resist the looks of Lola, it was **[love at first sight](/at-last-we-met-her/)**
* Thanks to the person who once said “Don’t worry when things go wrong and you get lost, because you will get lost. Your cars, your vans, they will break down but you’ll get them fixed and **you’ll get there in the end**.” – I keep saying that to myself before every time I see Lola

So here is to you, **our unsung heroes**, the people who are inspiring us to keep calm, and carry on. **THANK YOU**


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