Round Up – April

This is getting real

God knows how many times we have said that in the last few weeks. What a roller coaster it has been.

To start with, the amount of support we have received in the last month is overwhelming. It has come in many different ways: from tips on how to raise funds, to generous donations and help organising our raffles. And since numbers are easier to measure than words, here are some facts for you: we have managed to raise £2400 this month which brings the total to a whopping £4650. A sincere, big, and fat thank you goes to all of you. And remember, the Beard will be shaved the minute we reach £6500.

All this support has also had an unexpected effect on us: it has given us an additional feeling of responsibility to complete our mission. The best way we have to say thank you to each one of our supporters for all their efforts, advice and generosity is to deliver a vehicle to Go Help. Which vehicle? Lola, of course.

And finally, the farewell season started with a long weekend in Spain. Packed with emotional gatherings, presents for Lola, requests for this blog to be written in Spanish and as always, loads of food, wine and love. We are going to miss you all big time next year when we set off for our travels.
Spain Weekend

So as we said throughout April, this is getting real, only 63 days to go!!!. We have our vehicle, our fundraising target is very close and we have kissed goodbye our family and friends in Spain. Next up: sorting out visas and getting Lola ready for the journey (and about a million other things). Stay tuned!

Progress made so far


  • Yes, we found her: Lola
  • International Driving Permit – checked

Route and Visas

  • We have applied for the Turkemnisttan visa – 5 more to go!
  • This is how the route looks like:

Admin and PR

  • Our JustGiving page has reached its target of £1000 for Go Help, in just 24 days!
  • Our Twitter account is on 51 followers thanks to some advice from Mr Biggs 🙂
  • We now have 140 followers on Facebook.

Posts this month


Total Money Spent (this month) £4220.4 (£4000)

Total Money Raised (this month) £4650.23 (£2399.53)

of which £1000 will go to Go Help via our JustGiving page


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