Round Up – March

A few things have changed in this blog since our first Round Up back in September. Our home page now features images next to each entry (by the way, I hope I am better at negotiating the roads in Kyrgyzstan than at writing CSS files). More importantly, you will find a subscribe form at the end of every post entry. This is so that you don’t miss anything! All you need to do is type in your email address and click the “Subscribe” button and you will receive an email every time we put our thoughts into words.

Our fundraising campaign has finally started to produce some results from our sponsors and supporters. We are immensely grateful to those of you who have already helped, one way or another.

To show our gratitude, each donation will be awarded with a raffle ticket (or more). Prizes vary from books, to wine bottles, restaurant dinners and experience vouchers with a combined face value so far of £480. And we are still adding new items!!

And finally, we found out that the Brussels party just got even better: our family will be coming from Spain and our friends will be escorting us from london, Top Gear style with walkie talkies and all, to the starting line. It is going to be emotional.

“How about the vehicle?!” I hear you saying – yes, we have not forgotten about it. April is the month. It better be, only 100 days to go!

Progress made so far


  • We have been offered a wide range of vehicles this month: from a campervan to a fully equipped Land Rover Defender Ambulance

Route and Visas

  • The deadline for applying for the Turkmenistan visa is 1st May. Which means that we need to decide start making decisions soon.

Admin and PR

  • Muchas gracias to those of you who have attended Paula’s Spanish Lessons – they have been a real succes so far
  • 2 more followers on our Twitter account means we are up to 33 followers. Mr Biggs has challenged us to double that number. We will deliver!
  • Our Facebook however is up to 126. Wow!

Posts this month


Total Money Spent (this month) £220.4 (£0)

Total Money Raised (this month) £2250.7 (£1990)


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