Searching for a vehicle in… India

Ribbon and Beard have been travelling the world lately. A good friend of us, Keerthi, got married in Bangalore (India) to Nayana. Of course we couldn’t have missed it! A two day wedding where everyone, family and friends, was lovely to us and made sure we understood everything and we didn’t miss anything. Thanks everyone!

Selfie at the wedding

Given that we were in India and we still don’t have a vehicle (one month to go until the deadline!), we thought we could look into some Indian vehicles as they are very different from the ones in the West.

A Rickshaw

Paula driving a rickshaw

Great vehicle, however given that the top-speed is 30 miles/hour (50 km/hour) it will take us a minimum of 3 months to get to Mongolia… Also, there isn’t a lot of space for the two of us.

An Indian truck

Far too big for us!

Majestic Tata truck! I love the colours and the decorations, pure Indian style. However it is probably too big for us and over the limit weight that we are allowed to drive.

A pick-up… rickshaw

Pick-up, just what we need!

Our plan B if we don’t get an ambulance is a pick-up truck, hence this is the perfect alternative! If only the two of us fit in the cabin…. The Beard can go in the back!

A Hindustan Ambassador

Paula and her new taxi
What a car! If you do it, you do it in style, there is no other way!. If only this car was 50 years newer…. it was from 1960, it just misses our 9 year old rule! 😛

A van

I don't think our backpacks fit in this van
A van… or should I say a minivan? At least our team is just the two of us, but no way we can fit all our stuff in there. It was a good shout though!

A Tata Magic Iris

Not a very long car
Check this out! The Tata Magic Iris is the latest car that Tata has launched to the market, we could buy one for £2000 (only available in bright colours). Two problems, too small for us and not convinced about the rolling windows….

A tea plantation 4×4

Probably the best one so far
This is probably the best fit for our adventure! The only problem is that this car is in India and the rally starts from London!

We are still looking for our vehicle. It is out there…. somewhere!


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