Round up – February

In the previous Round Up we forgot to mention that we did not have any sponsors either. Well, things have changed

Big companies, small companies, local businesses and big multinationals, in Spanish, in English, in Spanglish… we have researched loads and contacted a grand total of 76 businesses, of which 9 have agreed to help us out one way or another.

So far all donations have been in-kind, either in the form of discounts or items for our raffle (more on this later on this month).

Plus we are hoping to secure one or two major sponsors in March. 130 days to go. It better be two (or three)!

Progress made so far


  • We have contacted nearly every single supplier of ambulances in the UK and part of the galaxy
  • Pick-up trucks are also back on the menu

Route and Visas

  • The route has now been decided subject to visas, vehicle and cost. In other words, we don’t know yet which route we will take 🙂
  • February’s conference call was on visas. We met Real Russia, a business that provides visa services amongst other things

Admin and PR

  • More raffle prizes have arrived
  • Paula will be offering Spanish lessons in exchange for donations
  • We have secured an article in a local newspaper! How exciting!
  • Our Twitter account is now down to 31 followers, we are sinking!
  • Our Facebook however is up to 95.

Posts this month


Total Money Spent (this month) £220.4 (£0)

Total Money Raised (this month) £260.7 (£50)


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