Round Up – January

This is getting real, things are moving fast, yet we are still in the land of “no”: no visas, no vehicle, no route.

We kickstarted January with the long awaited first Rally conference call. Loaded with tons of information and lasting 59 minutes it was truly one of the highlights of this project so far. But what made it so remarkable was finally hearing the voice of the other teams. We are all in the same boat, with similar questions, concerns and above all, with the same recipe of excitement and crazyness. Quote of the call:

We thought we would drive through the whole of Kazazhastan, just for the laugh of it

This call was soon followed by a meet up in London with our Rally Commander and some veterans and fellow ralliers. Avoid air suspension, take the Southern Route and “don’t listen to what your co-pilot says“, were some of the useful tips that were shared as we enjoyed a decent selection of Sam Smith’s beers.

We have changed our minds about the vehicle about 20 times this month. A van, an ambulance, a pick-up, a 4×4 ambulance, a tractor, a bike, two bikes actually…

And after all that, another month went by. We really need to get our shit together and get some sponsors on board if we want to get that 4×4 ambulance.

It is now February. Plenty of time left, 153 days to go. Plenty of things yet to sort out.

Progress made so far


  • We went to have a look at a few potential vehicles. Check these beauties out:
  • Avoid air suspension, avoid air suspension, avoid air suspension.
  • Getting our vehicle into Iran will not be easy nor it will be cheap.

Route and Visas

  • Passports renewed and ready to start collecting stamps.
  • We have started having a look into more detail at the different routes. Check out our posts about the Sourthern route and the last leg of the journey.

Admin and PR

  • We have received our first two raffle prizes!! More on this subject later. Stay tuned 🙂
  • Paula put together some lovely leaflets with sponsorship information
  • Our Twitter account has a whooping total of 33 followers, and counting 🙂
  • Our Facebook is up to 87. Can we get 100 likes in February?

Posts this month


Total Money Spent (this month) £220.4 (£0)

Total Money Raised (this month) £210.7 (£10)


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