Round Up – December

191 days to go at the time of writing this post. We have got plenty of time!

Good month as we have sold a few more things from our inventory and we have received our first donation!! Thank you very much Swetha!!!

We went to Spain for the Christmas break. It was great to talk to family and friends about our trip. Everyone has different views, advice, concerns (some have a lot of concerns) but it is all incredibly valuable. We managed to visit a couple of places in Logrono in search for our vehicle.

In short, no visas, no vehicle, no route… plenty of time you said??

Progress made so far


  • We visited a couple of places in Spain. We too have cars in Spain you know!
  • Cousin Patricia gave us a few tips on how to build our own shower and how to dig the car out of mud using blinds.
  • We have a lot to learn when it comes to European legislation regarding vehicles and driving licences.
  • The paperwork for our International Driving Permits is ready. We have left it in the capable hands of Alegria.

Route and Visas

  • Passports renewed and ready to start collecting stamps.
  • There seems to be 3 routes that we will consider. More on this in January (hopefully).

Admin and PR

  • The Business cards have arrived and they look awesome.
    business cards
  • Our Twitter account has a whooping total of 27 followers, and counting 🙂
  • Our Facebook stays on 75. Share people, share!

Posts this month


Total Money Spent (this month) £220.4 (£0)

Total Money Raised (this month) £200.7 (£112)


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