From London to Mongolia, but how???

That is indeed a really good question and one that we have been thinking about for the last two months.

![From London to Mongolia](/files/2016/10/fromLondonToMongoliaButHow-4.png)

As you know we are participating in the Mongolia Charity Rally 2015, which stars this next 11th of July. You will be able to see our shiny vehicle in the start line the day of the launch (and hopefully in the finish line!) together with another 50 to 60 teams!

We have 6 months left to decide what the best route will be for our great adventure. “That is plenty!” I hear you saying. Well, considering our day jobs and everything else that needs to be sorted out, there is not an awful lot of time left for deciding which border crossing we should use to enter Mongolia.

What do we need to take into account?

  • Visas: in certain countries the paperwork is endless and so complicated that it makes you want to find a different route even though you would love to visit the country.

  • Double entry allowed: in some cases we may need to enter a country twice, will they accept the lovely Ribbon and Beard multiple times?

  • Political situation: the world keeps changing and it will have to be taken into account. If things are bound to get ugly in any region, it is better to avoid it.

  • Roads: this is very important depending on what our vehicle is. We can expect different outcomes when driving a 4WD or a regular van in a road where the holes are bigger than a whale (check what Southern Kyrgyzstan looks like if you don’t believe it!) After all we need the vehicle to arrive safe and sound in Ulan Bataar ready to be donated!

  • Time: we are not in a hurry to finish the rally, however some countries have a limited stay period (i.e. 3 days).

What happens next?

Well, we are working on different options and will share them all with you over the coming months/weeks. Although right now our main focus is to get a vehicle, so… If you happen to have an ambulance let us know!

![From London to Mongolia](/files/2016/10/sampleRoutes-2.png)

Only 181 days left and counting…


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