Round Up – November

Winter is coming they say… well, winter has finally come to London. Paula’s job requested her to escape the low temperatures of Britain’s capital and spend 3 weeks working in Mumbai. It was probably a good rally training exercise, dodging traffic in India’s most populous city at nearly 36C.

With the team split between London and Mumbai for most of November, this has been a month for planning more than doing.

We have a better idea now on what type of vehicle and how to approach potential sponsors.

Oh, I almost forgot: 216 days to go! We cannot wait!! Although we probably need every single one of those days for our planning and fundraising campaign.

Progress made so far


  • Loads of research and daydreaming. At this rate, this is the closest we will ever be to driving an ambulance:
    LAS Bike

Route and Visas

  • Nothing to report. Mongolia has not gone anywhere.
  • We will be renewing our passports over the Christmas period. Enrique’s picture is a bit dated and does not come with a beard, which goes against our brand.

Admin and PR

  • We are currently waiting for our first batch of business cards.
  • Our Twitter account as a whooping total of 23 followers, and counting 🙂
  • Our Facebook stays on 68. Share people, share!

Posts this month


Total Money Spent (this month) £220.4 (£12)

Total Money Raised (this month) £88.94 (£35.64)


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