Mongolia Charity Rally – Launch Days

11th July 2015, that is when we will hit the road and start eating those 10000 miles that separate London from Ulanbaataar. One of the days I am most looking forward to is precisely that first day, when we will get to exchange last minute tips with fellow ralliers and admire each other’s wheels, ala Fast and Furious.

Go Help has always managed to find locations with a lot of character for the start of the Rally. In the last few years, places like Leeds Castle, Horse Guards Parade and Woburn Safari Park have all said farewell to the convoy of random vehicles that is so characteristic of this epic adventure.

The location for the launch of the Mongolia Charity Rally 2015 is yet to be announced. Until then, I can’t help but watching the following videos, over and over again (all credit goes to Charity Rallies’ Youtube channel)

2014 – Leeds Castle

A car boot turn into a kitchen area (groceries included)? The back door of a van fitted with a shower? Guitars? Harmonicas? Yes. You can find all that and a lot more in this video. Including a team of fine gentlemen well in their 60’s, all credit in the world to you Team Dream Weavers!

2013 – Horse Guards Parade

There are a couple of moments that deserve special attention in the next video:

  • Epiphany of the project manager:

    We know what we have planned to do but what we end up doing might be a different story

  • High spirits vs reality

    team-member-#1: We think we are quite well prepared
    team-member-#2: (chuckles)

2010 – Woburn Safari Park

As the Go Help trustee points out:

People should do the Mongolia Charity Rally because it is an experience of a life time, it is an experience to see more countries than you could choose to go on holiday to, and also, it is all for charity.

Teams from the UK, Australia, Italy, Russia gathered together under the vigilant eyes of lions and giraffes to listen to some advice, from David Treanor:

Don’t worry when things go wrong and you get lost, because you will get lost. Your cars, your vans, they will braak down but you’ll get them fixed and you’ll get there in the end.



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