How to sell your old DVDs and Games

What would you do if you had to raise money to buy a car? Amongst the many options, we decided we would sell our collection of DVDs. I can already hear your thoughts:

Hmmm, unless you have bucket loads of DVDs you won’t have enough to buy a train ticket these days, let alone a car.

You are probably right.

But, let’s start small. As The Minimalists say: “excess is the birthplace of clutter”. And we don’t like clutter. No Sir. The idea is to identify those items that do not add any value to your life and remove them from it. In our case, it is also an opportunity to raise funds for a worthwhile cause, the Mongolia Charity Rally 2015. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Identifying clutter

When I look at the bookshelf in front of me I see a lot of stuff, too much stuff… I see clutter. Perfect example: I see Risk, the board game, which I bought years ago and which we are yet to finish a game. In fact, I think we have only managed to start one game!

So we decided to pick a bunch of items and see how much money we could made from them. The easiest, we thought, would be DVDs and videogames.

Identifying where to sell your stuff

The more third parties you put between your goods and the final consumer, the less cash you will get but the easier it will be to get rid of your stuff. It is that simple.

I wanted something which would give quick results for little effort, something like a proof of concept to get us started with the fundraising. After all, motivation is a powerful tool

There is a zillion websites that would buy your unwanted stuff. There is an equal amount of articles explaining which one to choose. There are websites which claim to compare the options and find the best deal for you. Crazy stuff. My two cents: it does not really matter. Just pick 2 and stick to them. You are only missing out on a few quid and your time is probably worth more than that. If you really cared about maximising profit, you should not be using these intermediaries anyway.

Sell it!

So, CeX and MusicMagpie. The process is pretty straightforward:

  • submit your item to both sites (they even have mobile apps that will scan the barcode if you feel lazy)
  • pick the best quote out of the two
  • add to basket
  • repeat

Once the order is placed, they will send you an envelop, you put your stuff in, post it (free postage) and wait. No hassle. I did notice one thing though: the envelope took two days to arrive whereas the payment took nearly two weeks in both cases. Minor complications they said. I will let Sherlock speak my mind. Special thanks to my friend Vinh for reminding me of how amazing Sherlock is every day 🙂

Mycraft: Oh Sherlock, what do we say about coincidences?

Sherlock: The world is rarely so lazy.

Anyway, after a few James Bond movies (why on Earth did I purchase them in the first place!) and some XBOX games, our vehicle account is £53.3 healthier.

Granted, it is not a lot, but I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, and as a proof of concept I am actually quite happy with it (see conclusion number 3 below)


  • Despite the delays with the payment, it really is hassle free.
  • You could argue that £3 for a videogame is not worth it. Fair point. But we are now £3 closer to our goal.
  • And lastly, don’t underestimate the feeling of removing all of this stuff from your bookshelf. We now have plenty of room to put up photos of our nephews. And that my friends, that adds a hell of a lot of value to our life.

What next? Next up is books. This will be a lot harder and less rewarding. Some of those books have shaped who we are today. But that is another story.

One final word

If right now there is something inside you that desperately wants to get rid of all your DVDs and games, don’t worry. I understand. And while you are deciding what to do, may I politely ask if you would be willing to help us out by donating (some of) them to us? We will make sure you will never see Batman & Robin again, ever.


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