Round Up – October

Do you remember that scene on The Matrix where Neo learns Kung Fu? Yeah, that one. I have the feeling the next few months are going to be just like that… well, without the cables, the glasses or those pretty cool Nokia phones.

In this month we have become experts in CSS and SEO. In other words, how to make a website (or blog) look half decent and how to make sure that Google ranks your content high in the search results.

If only learning how to repair a suspension spring in the middle of the Gobi desert was that simple.

Progress made so far


  • Two thoughts come to mind the more we look at the pictures from some of the countries that we are going to drive through:
  1. the scenery is going to be breathtaking and
  2. we better get a car (or van, or truck or something) that can take on those roads!! Otherwise we’ll end up like this (image from The Brighton Bandits):

  • Other than that, we have narrowed down the search to either a single cabin pick-up or a 4WD ambulance. Why not? Let’s aim for the stars first.

Route and Visas

  • Is it just me or countries like Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are all over the most famous travel blogs these days?? Check out this post on Wildjunket for example. I want to go there!

Admin and PR

Posts this month


Total Money Spent (this month) £222.4 (£9.4)

Total Money Raised (this month) £53.3 (£53.3)


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