Mongolia Charity Rally

Epic, crazy, beautiful, charitable, colossal, insane, stupid (what??), scary… the list is endless. Many things can be said about the Mongolia Charity Rally, but one thing is certain: we won’t know until we cross the finish line in Ulanbataar.

Mongolia Charity Rally

But before that we have a few months to organise a bunch of stuff. In this time we will set up a blog, find a vehicle, raise funds for charity, fill our passports with visas and we will (try to) learn Russian and basic mechanics.

And then, 10000 miles (or more) of roads, deserts, sun and sweat. An incredible roadtrip that will truly push our limits (and our marriage!!). All of that so that we can donate a vehicle to Go Help and its charity projects, together with some funds, goodies and a lot of hope.

Click through the following links to find out more details on this amazing trip:


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