We have a name and a logo!

Right, we need a name and a logo for our blog. They seem like very simple tasks but they are not easy at all. It has taken us about a month and a half to come up with a name that we both like. I don’t even want to imagine how difficult it will be to decide whether to take the ferry in Baku to cross the Caspian Sea or whether to drive through Iran.

The name

We thought that once we got the name, the logo would be dead easy… (how wrong we were…) Anyway, let’s start with what sort of investigation we did to find a good name.

We have been reading online a lot about how to get an original name for your blog and all the different strategies on how to find the right name that will make everyone remember it. There are many posts out there with really good ideas, here are some of the examples that we used:

The strategy was clear: short name, to the point, easy to remember, domain must be available… but the issue was that we really wanted to feel identified with the chosen name. We sat down and thought about what we wanted the name to be about: about us? about the rally? This was a complicated task!

After many silly and brilliant ideas, we shortlisted our candidates to the following:

  • Two return tickets – we are two, we are travelling and we will be coming back (at some point). A great name but not very excited about it.
  • Spaniards abroad – obvious, we are Spanish.
  • The beauty and The beard – great name but unfortunately the domain was not available, but we definitely loved the idea so we investigated further.
  • Ribbon and beard – I love ribbons and Enrique has a really cool beard, we definitely felt identified with this name.

The logo

There is no point in having a great name if you can’t figure out how to create the logo. So we decided to draft logos for each of the candidate as that could help us choose the name.

Here are some examples of our brainstorming session (as you can see, we are definitely not experts, but we try very hard):

![Brainstorming session for the logo](/files/2016/10/image1.jpeg)

From the drawings it was quite obvious what our decision was going to be: a name that depicted us and of course a cool logo.

The final decision

After some deliberation and a few beers, there it was, we had a name… “Ribbon and Beard” (as you can tell from our current domain).

We are not graphic designers, but with the help of Inkspace and all the different free vectors that you can download online, the final result for our logo is this!

![Team Ribbon and Beard](/files/2016/10/Logo2—otros-monumentos.png)

This logo represents either places that we have visited, that we want to visit during the Mongolia Charity Rally or on a later date. Special mention to Genghis Kahn Equestrian statue (bottom right) as we will see it when we get to Mongolia!

Mission accomplished, we have a name and a logo for our blog!


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