Round Up – September

Ah! The first month of our big adventure. And of course we have started by answering the most fundamental questions: should we learn Russian or Mandarin? both?, should the car be red or green?, what type of […]

After a fair bit of organised chaos, we decided that we would split the work up into three categories. So far we have: “vehicle”, “route and visas” and “admin and PR” (aka the boring stuff).

The blog is nearly set up but due to some technicalities it won’t go live until ~~early~~ late October.

Perfect, where do we start? “Russian, I think we should learn Russian!”

Progress made so far


  • We’ve learnt the different types of pick-up cabs: king cab, crew cab, double cab, extended cab. Very useful stuff.
  • We’ve bought a GoPro stand for the car!

Route and Visas

  • One thing is certain: the world will be a different oyster by the time we start the rally, so planning the route may not make a lot of sense right now. However…
  • It is inevitable! Our preferred route is the Southern Route, via Turkey, Iran and into Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Admin and PR

  • We have signed up for all the Mongolia Charity Rally groups
  • We have learnt that an international driving permit lasts for 1 year. Bizarrely, you can’t use it in your own country
  • We have done an extensive research on previous years teams. They all seem to be nice people 🙂


Total Money Spent £213

Total Money Raised £0


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