We are driving to Mongolia!

How do you start telling a story? From the beginning of course.

During the 5 years that we have been living in London, we have come across many people that have taken a gap year before uni, a gap year after uni, a leave of absence while working, a sabbatical, a career break… There are unlimited ways to call it, it just makes me very jealous either way!

Back in Spain I never thought of leaving everything and travel around the world, however since I moved to the UK this idea has been growing in me.

I started to mention this idea from time to time to Enrique, not giving it much importance at first, but it got to a point when I started being very insistent.

After giving it much thought he finally accepted with one important condition though…..

We had to take part in the Mongolia Charity Rally 2015!!!

And you are probably wondering what that is! In simple words: raise money for the UK charity Go Help, drive a car from London to Mongolia and donate the vehicle when you reach Ulanbaatar. This will be our opportunity to give something back to the world.

Mongolia Charity Rallies

Registration for the Mongolia Charity Rally 2015 opened today 1st of August 2014 and we have submitted our entry! One of the first 10 teams to register.

On a different note, we are getting married tomorrow, so we will stop the excitement for this great adventure for now and continue when we are back from our honeymoon!


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